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Translation services

Since 2005, Translation Deals Ltd Company is established to provide the best translation you deserve.Translation Services

So we recruit only the best professional translators in all fields you need to translate from. Seizing the opportunity to be one of the greatest companies in providing translation solutions, we are focusing on client satisfaction by providing services of the best quality and firm deadline.

We have a team of in-house and freelance translators, proofreaders and quality assurance who have a solid professional background in translating all materials you may need.

 Our mission is to provide services with passion and professionalism. Providing of resources, sharing of knowledge, building of capacity and partnerships with the public and private sectors are the main basics of our work.


We provide high-priority document translation services for the world leading corporations, law firms, government entities and individuals. Whether you need a translation for a general business document, a legal contract, marketing materials, a technical manual and any other important documentation, Translation Deals can perform it for you quickly and accurately.


We deliver high quality translation projects in the shortest amount of time. In addition to our in-house experts, a large number of our accredited translators are strategically deployed across global time zones in “Virtual translation tag-teams.” This methodology ensures a 24:7 “around the clock” translation course of action.


We learned early on that employing intelligent, highly motivated, native translators and having

them work within a great environment that make them inventors.


Whether you need a translation for an official document, a legal contract, a company letter, patent information, medical records or other sensitive documents, you can trust Translation Deals' certified language translation professionals and project management team to execute your translation assignment in absolute confidentiality.

It is a common reality

We translate and review highly sensitive and extremely confidential materials on a daily basis. We provide this type of service for great organizations, government agencies, large international corporations, pharmaceutical, medical and scientific research organizations and a number of prominent individual’s private documentation. Our standards of practice are all aimed at protecting your information. we take this very seriously.

Clearly defined confidentiality processes

We recognize our ethical and professional responsibility toward our clients. So we make sure to not leave anything unsecured just as mentioned in the stated rules of professional responsibility, adopted by great associations and other professional organizations. But rules alone are sometimes not enough. So we are using some audit programs to adopt confidentiality.

Electronic transfer of documents, materials and information

All knowledge and information provided by our clients and potential clients for translation is always considered confidential and treated as such regardless of the nature of the exchange. All client information remains the intellectual property of the client and will be held strictly confidential by our entire team of professionals.

We deal in these fields of translation services:


Constitutions laws, regulations and rules applicable All legal documents such as:-

Contracts of lease, labor, Selling…etc.

Other legal documents such as:

  • Power of attorneys

  • Birth and Death Certificates

  • Marriage and divorce Documents

  • Acknowledgements

  • All kinds of licenses

  • Guarantees

  • Disclaimers

  • Notices

  • Copyright forms

  • Trust Forms

All litigation documents:

  • Reports

  • Claims

  • Summons

  • Affidavits

  • Interrogations

  • Case roll

  • Complaints

  • Objections

Legal At the end travelling and Immigration:

  • All Commercial legislation documents

  • Applications and all needed measures

  • Movement certificates

  • Passports

  • Visas


We deal with all economic documents needed in all areas pertaining such field such as:-

  • Annual reports

  • Balance sheets

  • Feasibility Study

  • Financial statements

  • Profits and loss reports

  • Cheques

  • Tax documents

  • Equity research

  • Insurance documents

  • Investments documents

  • Banking reports

  • Customs documents

  • Budgets

  • Insurance documents


We deal with great companies such as Clinphone, Spimaco, Access Aid International, World Medicine, Pfizer, Somatco… etc in all medical documents such as:-

  • Medical devices documents

  • Informed consent forms

  • Pharmaceuticals translation

  • Medical reports

  • Examination reports

  • Medical questionnaire


Believing in the importance of this field and it’s effect not only on the industry sector, but also on export and import, we pay a considerable attention on this field to provide the best translation for our clients deserve. In this field, we deal with all documents related such as:-

  • Marketing collateral

  • Market Research

  • All media means

  • Press releases

  • Communications

  • Branding


We deals in all documents that may serve such interesting field relating to the services and products provided by hotels, tourism companies and bazaars such as:-

  • Hotel and resorts services and programs

  • Travelling programs

  • Foodstuff menus

  • Beverage menus

  • Accommodations papers


We deal with many companies in this field and provide the best translation for all documents needed such as:-

  • Foodstuff menus

  • Cooking Instructions

  • Trade marks (Brands)

  • Beverage menus

  • Trade names

The Quality Process we use

1. Project Analysis

The first step for most translation projects is the cost estimate (quote), which entails a full analysis to obtain an accurate word count for translation. This not only requires a complete set of source files with text content, but also a complete set of graphics files (screen captures and/or illustrations).

2. Project Preparation

The pre-processing stage starts by identifying translatable elements, and then, either locking the source code or exporting the elements to a separate file. The result of that stage, in addition to the glossary, style guide and additional contextual elements, is the localization kit, which is a guide to translators throughout their work on localization projects.

3. Production

We select the most appropriate people, from our professional translators, DTP or engineers, to carry out the task assigned.

4. Quality Assurance

Translation-Deals linguistic experts undertake a full review of the translated files linguistically and make sure that it faithfully reflects the meaning of the texts in their original version. In this stage, our technical team members hav e the responsibility of reviewing DTP and the technical tasks.

5. Project Delivery

The Project Manager verifies the final work prior to delivery and confirms that all instructions have been followed.

6. Client’s Follow-up

We implement all updates, objective feedback comments and suggestions from our clients after the project delivery.


Quality Assurance:-

Linguistic QA

Our linguistic experts make sure that all texts have been translated correctly and culturally adapted to the target audience. They also check that the style and formatting comply with the style guide. Special attention is given to indexing and its conformance to localized documentation.

Functional QA – Website Localization

Web authors/reviewers will ensure that the original code has remained intact and that the format has been maintained to resemble the source files.

Functional QA – Software and Help Localization

Our experts thoroughly check and test the software’s functionality in all required environments, and handle any GUI issues, such as dialog box resizing.

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