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Translation Deals Ltd. SDLX Archives - Translation Deals Ltd. Average rating: 4.0, based on 65779 reviews

Translate a single file in SDL Trados Studio 2014

Jan 7, 2015   //   by ADMIN   //   Trados  //  No Comments

Translate a single file in SDL Trados Studio 2014 directly.

When you only have one file to translate, you can open the file directly in SDL Trados Studio 2014, the system will create a project for your file automatically. But even though a project is created, there are differences between translating a single file and setting up a project with the project wizard. The project of a single file is limited to this file, new files cannot be added to the project.

Then you choose which translation memory and termbase you want to use.

For translation, your file will be saved into the internal SDL XLIFF format. This file will contain source and target language sentences while you translate.

After translation you save your translated file back to the original file format.


To open the sample document for translation, take the following steps:

Selecting the Document and the Language Pair

1. Switch to the Welcome screen, and then click the Translate Single Document button.

Translate a single file in SDL Trados Studio 2014 1

2. Browse to the sample files folder in which the sample document is located, e.g. ..\Sample Files\Sample documents.

3. Select the file sample.doc by double-clicking it.

4. In the Open Document dialog box, make sure that English (United States) is selected as the source language.

5. Select your target language from the Target Language dropdown list, i.e. Arabic (Egypt).

Translate a single file in SDL Trados Studio 2014 2


Translate a single file in SDL Trados Studio 2014 Translation Deals Ltd. Average rating: 4.2, based on 9779 reviews

Creating a Trados 2014 translation memory

Jan 6, 2015   //   by ADMIN   //   Trados  //  1 Comment

Translation Memory (TM)

To create a new Trados 2014 translation memory (TM) database take the following steps:

1. Click the Translation Memories button in the lower-left corner to switch to the Translation Memories view.

Creating a Trados 2014 translation memory

2. Note that the Home tab of the ribbon has changed to show TM-related functions. Click the New button, then select New Translation Memory.

Creating a Trados 2014 translation memory

3. In the Name text field of the New Translation Memory dialog box enter the name of your TM. It is good practice to use descriptive file names for translation memories, which reflect the language pair, e.g. EN-AR_Training.

4. The Location text field shows the default path in which the TM file will be stored. The TM file will have the extension SDLTM. As you need to select the newly-created TM later for translation, we recommend that you specify a location that you can find easily, e.g. your Desktop/Sample files.

Creating a Trados 2014 translation memory

5. To do this click the Browse button, select your preferred path in the Browse For Folder dialog box, and confirm with OK.

6. Make sure that English (United States) is selected in the Source Language dropdown list.

7. From the dropdown list Target Language select Arabic (Egypt).

8. Click the Finish button to create the TM.

9. On the following page a progress bar will indicate when the TM creation is completed. When this is the case, click the Close button.

Creating a Trados 2014 translation memory

The TM has now been created, and is displayed in the Navigation pane on the left-hand side. Since the newly-created TM is empty, there are no translation units (TUs) to display. In the following chapter you will learn how you use this TM for translation.

Creating a Trados 2014 translation memory Translation Deals Ltd. Average rating: 4.2, based on 5779 reviews

The SDL Trados Studio 2014 User Interface

Jan 5, 2015   //   by ADMIN   //   Trados  //  4 Comments

The SDL Trados Studio 2014 User Interface

The Welcome Screen
The Welcome screen of SDL Trados Studio 2014 provides quick access to commonly used functions:

  • New Project: starts a project wizard to prepare one or more files for translation into one or more target languages.
  • Translate Single Document: opens single documents for translation.
  • Open Package: opens a project package sent by a project manager for translation or editing; this button can also be used by project managers to open return packages that were sent back by translators or reviewers.
  • Open GroupShare Project: allows access to an online project on a GroupShare Server where several users can work together in one project at the same time.

Welcome screen of SDL Trados Studio 2014

The Navigation Pane

On the bottom of the Navigation pane you find a set of buttons: Welcome, Projects, Editor, Translation Memories. By clicking these buttons you can switch between different views. During this training course we will mainly work in the Editor view, which is used to translate, edit and review documents.

The Navigation Pane Trados 2014

The Application Ribbon

On the top of the application window you will find the application ribbon with buttons, which provide access to other functions such as Show Shortcuts, Generate AutoSuggest Dictionary, etc.

The Application Ribbon Trados 2014

The ribbon features a number of tabs, e.g. File, Home, View, etc. Each tab provides access to specific functions.

For example, click the File tab, which contains the commands for file-related operations such as Save, Close, etc.

File tab Trados 2014

Now switch back to the Home tab. Note that the content of the tabs changes depending on the view that is currently selected. For example, in the Welcome view, the Home tab shows different buttons than in the Editor view, which is used for translating documents.

Optimizing your Screen Space

You can minimize the Navigation pane on the left-hand side by clicking the Minimize the Navigation Pane button. When minimized, the links to help topics and the navigation button labels are no longer visible. However, the navigation buttons on the bottom of the Navigation pane will still be accessible.

Optimizing your Screen Space Trados 2014

With the keyboard shortcut F11 you can switch to the Full Screen mode. This will hide elements such as the top application bar. By pressing F11 again you can exit the Full Screen mode.

The SDL Trados Studio 2014 User Interface Translation Deals Ltd. Average rating: 4.2, based on 569 reviews

Localization Tools

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CAT ToolsWe can provide you all languages you may need to translate to or from. This is easy for Translation Deals Ltd. as because we recruit a multinational professional team of in-house and freelance translators.
We can provide you the best translation into: English, Arabic, French, Italian, German, Russian, ….etc. and vice versa.

Translation and localization tools:

We all in Translation Deals Ltd. have excellent command of multiple translation and localization CAT tools such as:

  • Trados
  • SDLX
  • Wordfast

  • Workspace
  • MemoQ
  • Acrossweb

  • Idiom
  • TRT
  • Xbench


As it is considered a great important element in translation industry as to all materials, we pay a great attention to formatting to deliver our works as it is intended to be when printed.


We provide you proofreading services with the same quality you are seeking for. To achieve that, we use the best programs and tools all national and international companies use for proofreading. So you can trust in our proofreading services as it known with accuracy and deadline you wish.

DTP and Typesetting:

Each language presents its own peculiarities and not all DTP software offers satisfactory support of all languages in all operating systems. Our team are proficient PC and Mac users in the latest versions of:

  • Adobe InDesign
  • Adobe Illustrator
  • Adobe FrameMaker
  • Adobe PageMaker
  • Adobe PhotoShop
  • Adobe Flash
  • MS Office
  • Macromedia Freehand
  • CorelDraw
  • Corel Ventura
  • QuarkXpress

Engineering Services:

Engineering ServicesTranslation Deals Ltd. offers the following engineering services:

1. Software Engineering, compilation, debugging and resizing
2. Document/Content Conversion
3. Audio Post Production
4. Graphics Localization
5. Help Engineering
6. LaTeX and XML
7. Screen Capture
8. Flash Localization

Localization Tools Translation Deals Ltd. Average rating: 4.3, based on 20779 reviews